Is A Reconditioned Stairlift A Good Alternative?

Stairlifts are a necessity for many seniors, but this equipment is generally very expensive. This expense can put a great burden on the family, and leaves many considering whether a reconditioned stair lift is a good alternative. The reconditioned equipment has the obvious benefit of being less expensive, and in many cases, this savings is substantial. However, many factors beyond cost weigh on this decision. Let’s consider the primary pros and cons of a reconditioned stair lift.

Outside of cost, the first consideration should be time. How soon do you need the equipment? If the answer to that question is immediately, then a refurbished stair lift might not just be a viable alternative, it might the only option. Stair lift manufacturers generally make the stair lift equipment to order. It can take upwards of three months from the time the customer places the order to the time that the company installs the equipment.

Another consideration is the uniqueness of the home for which the stair lift equipment is required. Installers will have to modify used equipment to a certain degree to fit your home. However, if the staircase in question has a curved form or has any non-standard decorative features, it is likely that refurbished stair lift equipment will not be viable. Alternatively, the modifications required may be so drastic that the additional costs will cause new equipment to seem more reasonable.

Many manufacturers and even installation companies warn against installing used equipment because it never fits precisely. For this reason, the manufacturer or installers will not offer the same level of warranty on refurbished equipment. Customers should note that statistics do not show any evidence that refurbished stair lift equipment is any less safe. In other words, injuries do not occur to any greater degree on refurbished equipment.

However, statistics do show that there is a greater rate of failure and thus higher and more frequent repair costs on refurbished models. The fact that the equipment does not fit precisely may be a cause of additional wear and tear. The majority of wear and tear is just natural due to the age of the equipment. For this reason, if you plan to use the equipment for many years, then repair costs over time will offset the initial savings of the purchase.

The bottom line is that there is no simple answer. A reconditioned stair lift is a good alternative for many people, but it greatly depends on personal circumstances. This information should at least help ease the choice.


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